NEW WORKSHOP 2.010, SL. is pleased to present you as a company with own manufacturing specializing in the development of various products in resin to promotion, advertising, displays, Exhibitors, Trophies, corporate giftnative gift, religious art, gift for failures , etc..

With the experience gained over the years ao in different sectors such as (press, Feed, Shoes optical, services sector and so on.) we can produce a wide range of products all handmade in each case adjusted to specific customer needs, products unique to each firm that puts its trust in our company.

We work with various materials such as (resin, polyurethane, Zamak, wood, and so on.).The finish of the pieces is varied, decorations using traditional cold, spray guns, decorated with brush, bath under high vacuum, electrolytic baths, etc..

Here we address:

c / Crafts, 1
PI. The Coscollar
Waste. 96 150 57 23
46960 Aldaia (VALENCIA)









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